Needs You!


… desperately, in fact.

What we’re looking for: we’re always looking for Allam fans to get involved, and have many contibutors from all over the world, so if you want to help out in any capacity then please get in touch. What we really, REALLY need at present are people who know their way around html and the like and / or are familiar with Dreamweaver.

We have plenty of material but we need people who can update the website itself.

About the site: has been going strong for over a year- you just need to take a look at the About Us section to see how far the team has come. Mr Allam both knows about and approves of the site and we all want to make it the fansite it can possibly be because he deserves it.

If you think you might be able to help in some way, either send us an ask on Tumblr or email us at

If as many people as possible could SIGNAL BOOST this post then that would be fabulous. The site really wouldn’t be able to continue without your support.

Thank you!


I passed over 1000 sales between my etsy and convention travels and to celebrate I’m having a giveaway!

1st Place: The grand prize is a Winter Soldier shirt. I can make these in men’s or women’s shirts and sizes run from S-3XL in men’s and women’s S-2XL.

2nd Place: A zipper bag of your choice from my etsy.

3rd Place: A hair bow or bow tie from my etsy.

How to Enter

1) You do not have to be following either of my accounts to enter but winners who are will receive extra goodies with their prize. 

2) You gotta reblog this post. Only once per day though, courtesy and all. Likes will count as well.

3) Have a mailable address. Any country is fine as well!

4) Be an active legit blog. No blanks or inactive for over a year.

End Date:

August 13th at 11:59pm EST is the latest you can enter. Winners will be chosen through a random generator and announced in the morning and messaged. If you don’t respond in three days I will pick a new winner.