I love the comparison the show goes out of it’s way to make about Sherlock and learning names.

With Lestrade he’s told multiple times that his first name is Greg but constantly forgets it. Whether it’s because he deems it unimportant or because he’s a little shit who secretly enjoys winding Lestrade up is debatable 

When he realises he doesn’t know John’s middle name he makes a concentrated effort to find out what it is. He badgers John for what looks like weeks until eventually he finds his birth certificate and discovers its Hamish. And doesn’t once forget it.

Because never does Sherlock consider something about John unimportant.

There’s also the fact that he calls Molly by John’s name, twice, even after he tells her “you’re not being John, you’re being yourself,” and he only ever refers to his landlady as Mrs Hudson, the name she took during her very short-lived marriage. Never her first name, always a somewhat out-of-date name that’s formal to the point of old-fashioned. These three people - Greg, Molly and Mrs Hudson - are the people he cares about most after John, and the difference between how he treats their names and how he treats John’s name is staggering. Even the antagonists with which he was most closely intertwined aren’t ever fully named by him - James Moriarty is just Moriarty, Irene is The Woman. John Hamish Watson is the only full name of real importance to Sherlock.

Then there’s the fact that he reveals his whole name to John in a way that makes him vulnerable - he’s not this suave mysterious hero called Sherlock, he’s really a human being called William - while John doesn’t even know the name of the woman he married.

Names in this programme, man. They speak volumes.

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